How to Buy a Casket

As a consumer, what do you need to know about buying a casket?

This is faily simple and should not cause you much if any stress because there are no wrong choices. You should pick one that fits your budget and any other attributes that are important to you.

1) Every casket we sell is made in the USA, is a quality product and will serve its purpose.

2) Caskets are typically made of either wood or metal. A majority of our customers prefer metal.  The entry level metal casket $1,495 and go up to $3,995.  The variables that impact the cost difference in the type of metal the casekt is made of (20 guage being the least expensive and stainless steele the most), whether the casket seals or not, the paint (brushes, flat, or two tones are examples), the interior (crepe or velvet) and the hardware.

3) Wood caskets range from $2,395 to $4,995 and prices vary based on similar criteria to the metal caskets: wood type, interior, hardware and finish.. As stated earlier every casket is a quality casket and the decision is based on personal preference, eye appeal and how much the consumer desires to spend.


I hope this makes the caket buying experience easier, less complicated and less sttressful for our consumers.  If you have any questions contact us at 399-2811 and we will be happy to assist you.  You can also see our caskets on our website at the following link


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