Personalization, Innovation, and How We Say Goodbye

We frequently have services now that include Spotify playlist with favorite songs.  The link to the playlist can be provided in the memorial or service folder so those in attendance can download it as an ongoing memory.  A eulogy deliverd in two parts: early life followed by a video or slide show and later years followed by another video.  This could be followed up by a favorite poem or verse and a toast, keepsake handout or many other options.  We have Memory Boards so friends and family can write down and leave their memories for the family to reflect back on during thier grief journey.  We also have a Family Tree that we provide the frames for and the family provides the pictures.  All of this can be followed up with their favorie food and beverage in our on-site banquet room.  

Funerals have changed!!!  It is a Celebration of Life!!!

Funerals are becoming less traditional and more personalized.  We are certified Life Celebrants and here to guide the family so they can tell their loved one's story the way they desire.  We are event planners and have the tools and experience to create personalized, meaningful life celebrations.

The first rule is there are no rules!!  You can do whatever you want (within the law) and we are here to help you explore options and create the service you always wanted.



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