What to Wear to a Funeral

Don’t Overthink It

The truth is, you don’t need to stress and worry about what you wear to the funeral. What really matters is that you are making an effort to be there, support the family and celebrate life. This isn’t a time for other guests to be judgemental as they are also mourning a loss and dealing with their own grief. If you show up in anything besides a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you’re probably ok.  There are exceptions when families request you show up in certain attire or request anything but black.  That however is the exception.  You know the family and know what is acceptable.  The best advice is use your best judgement and trust yourself.

This also isn’t a time you need to go out and buy a brand-new suit or dress. If you need to buy one item, that’s ok. But don’t feel like you have to purchase an entire outfit for this one occasion. Wear clothes that are respectful and ones you feel comfortable in. Your presence is more important than what you wear.

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