Q: Can I have food and beverage at the funeral home for the visitation or after the funeral service?

Question: Can I have food and beverage at the funeral home for the visitation or after the funeral service?


The short answer is yes.  There's nothing new about having a post-funeral gathering with some sort of food and beverage. You can also have food and beverage during the visitation if you want and both can take place at the funeral home.  This get-together has often taken place in the home of the deceased or a close relative, generally limited to just a few dozen people. Sometimes, churches, offer their facilities for a post-funeral "repast," and provide the food free of charge to parishioners, thanks to a generous network of volunteers.

In Ohio, the funeral home can provide reception offerings and the only limitation is their physical space and their willingness to provide this service. We find that consumers continue to become more empowered and expect more choices from their funeral home and are looking for gatherings that may have a different tone and timing than the traditional service.  Regardless of their desire, customers looking for options and gatherings including food and beverage are on the rise.

There are many reasons why.  The most obvious of which are that most of people do not have adequate parking or space at their homes for a large number of guests.  We also do not want the hassle of setting up and cleaning up, or the kitchen chores and the added stress that comes with being a host and planning this on top of what we are going through already.  The funeral home is a logical choice as it has accommodations and staff for events like this and it is also allows you some privacy which is an important factor.


Memorial receptions at funeral homes can be whatever you want and can range from cheese, crackers, cookies and soft drinks to a multi-course dinner.  Remember the funeral service is for you and if you want food and beverage included in the service offering all you need to do is ask.

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