Can I make my funeral unique so it reflects my personality?

In the 1970’s there was a hamburger chain that advertised “having it your way”. This was quite novel as fast food at the time was produced in assembly line fashion. Funerals from that same time period had a great deal of similarity as well. If you’d been to one you’d pretty much been to them all. The only limit to what a funeral can look like today is your imagination.


Music is the most common way to make a funeral unique. Gone are the depressing dirges that come to memory. There is a huge library of recorded religious music, not to mention the limitless secular selections. Almost any instrument is appropriate if you desire preformed music.


The location of the service continues to evolve. The funeral home or the deceased’s place of worship is still the most common destination however we are seeing new alternatives. Memorials held outdoors, at favorite museums or clubs, even aboard chartered boats have all been arranged.


There are many creative ways to customize the traditional elements of a funeral. Most caskets, urns and burial vaults can be engraved or painted in an array of colors. There are custom caskets that look like NASCAR events or the fairway of a golf course. Urns are available that are made out of bowling balls or even Harley Davidson motorcycle engines. You can have the photographic image of almost anything transferred to any funeral merchandise. There are horse or motorcycle drawn hearses. Almost every day there are funerals that conclude with dove or balloon releases. Virtually anything that is requested can be accommodated, usually without delaying the service.


Some of the suggestions offered would not be appropriate for many readers however it does illustrate the possibilities. If you have an idea, share it with your funeral director. They can probably make it happen.

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