3 Misconceptions about Cremation

3 Misconceptions about Cremation

1) If you are cremated you scatter or keep urn in your home. Urns are no different than caskets and are meaningful receptacles to hold remains and can be buried in a cemetery or put in a columbarium in a cemetery. They can also be turned into any type oc keepsake you desire including jewelry and fireworks.

2) Cremated remains are ashed. Not true. Fact: Although many people refer to cremated remains as ashes, but in reality the cremated remains bone fragments. Once the body is exposed to extreme temperature what is left behind in the retort are dry bone fragments. These dry bone fragments are further processed in a high-capacity and high-speed blender. This transforms the bone fragments into fine sand like texture and color which is known as cremated remains. The cremated remains are placed in a temporary container so that it can be returned to the family member of the deceased.

3) It is impossible to know whether cremated remains belong to your loved one. Not True. The cremation chamber holds only one body and we use a 10 step identification security and control cremation process to track the entire process giving families the assurance that the remains returned are their loved one.


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